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Peanut Butter on Your Knuckles?  Every Time.

Born in the depths of a messy peanut butter jar and a spontaneous jam session, the PBJIFE® is a family owned product that solves an everyday problem that we all face, well, every day...

Hi, I'm the inventor of the PBJIFE.  You grab a knife, stick your hand in the jar and get peanut butter on your knuckles. Every time.  Stirring natural peanut butter is disastrous and futile. Fed up and hungry, I scavenged for a better tool.  When none could be found I picked up my guitar and sang "It's the PB - JIFE it will change your LIFE!"

Using some dad skills and PB skills, the days of messy knuckles are over!  Now it's not just sandwich makers, but bakers, spreaders, Nutella and almond butter lovers, mayo and honey scoopers that find the PBJIFE their newest, most useful, everyday kitchen tool.

I’m proud to announce that with PBJIFEs in your kitchen you’ll have clean hands, clean jars, and only one, easy-to-clean, dish: a tool that is strong for stirring natural PB, spreads smooth, and scoops big. 


“I used to spend more money on the smaller jar because I couldn't stand getting PB on my hands. Now I buy the big jar. My PBJIFE not only resolves my pain, but saves me money.”


“This is my new, go-tool for coconut oil and almond butter.”

Want to hear about the next life-changer?

(It's going to awesome)

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