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Three, premium, PB-JIFES.


Life-Saving Features:


  • Longer. Keep your hands clean! The super-long, 7", stainless steel blade reaches the tallest peanut butter jars. No more peanut butter knuckles.
  • Smarter. The PB-JIFE's original design cleans the whole jar: sides, bottom, and the top rim (the cornice). Get your money's worth.
  • Stronger. Strength-treated stainless steel has the strength and torque to cut and mix natural butters, spreads, and thick oils.
  • One Dip. Extra-broad blade carves out huge swaths of peanut butter.
  • Quality Materials. Strength-treated stainless steel and durable, heavy duty plastic.
  • Dishwasher Safe.

PB-JIFE Gift Pack White (x3)

SKU: White_03
$32.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • Stirring natural peanut butter isn’t easy, but the long, strong, PB-JIFE blade is up to the task.  Avoid bending the JIFE blade by cutting forward and backward through the butter - not laterally. Once refrigerated, the rounded end of the JIFE is designed to shave out layers.

  • Hate getting PB in the J and vice-versa? Dip and spread with the PB-JIFE in the jam first, then wipe the blade on the clean slice of bread!  The JIFE has no ridges, so it wipes clean easily.  Now dip your clean blade in the peanut butter... Voilà!

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