The Ultimate PB Knife® and Spreader

"Everything about this is brilliant"

What is it!?

Peanut butter on your knuckles? Every time. The PB-JIFE® is the only spreader specifically designed to stir and scrape any spread from the BIG jars. The blade is super long for Costco-sized jars, stronger for stirring natural oils, and wider than a regular knife for easy scooping and spreading.  The patent pending blade is designed to scour any jar for that last bit in the bottom - all while keeping your knuckles clean.


Cut and Stir Natural PB

strength-treated stainless steel stirs peanut butter, almond butter, coconut oil, and more.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Super-long blade. No more peanut butter knuckles.

Clean the Whole Jar

Patent pending curves easily carve out every penny.

Get BIG Scoops

Extra-broad blade. No more digging and scraping.

Dishwasher Safe

Get one for the dishwasher, one for the drawer, and one for everyone you love.

Full Tang

Reinforced handle will last a peanut butter lifetime.

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